Last weekend my Aunt was in town from Maryland and was staying at the Delray Beach Mariott on AIA and Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach.   The hotel is lovely, and its location is second to none when used as a base camp for activities on the east end of “The Ave.”

While we were there visiting with her, the Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Fest was running concurrently and we got to experience all of the great things about a street fair; live music, roasted corn, arepas, and other great greasy delights.  The day wasn’t very becoming of South Florida, however.  Uncharacteristically rainy for November if you ask me, but, the festival drew a modest crowd for the sub-par day and people were enjoying their spirits freely in the streets east of the Intercostal Waterway.

As I wandered down the street I took notice of the beautiful spun concrete light poles that the City of Delray Beach has made their spec.  The poles are strong as an ox, and have seemingly weathered nicely when compared to Aluminum or Steel poles that could have been placed in the same locations.   What the city engineer did not take into account however, was the vibration of cars, trucks, busses, vans and trailers that roll down that street all day long.

Several of the poles I found had cracks in them 5’-10’ long, ¼”wide and nearly ½” deep.  At a moment’s notice, a chunk of concrete could come tumbling down onto an innocent bystander.  The road on Atlantic Ave continues to shake and vibrate the ground in which these light poles are embedded.   Ultimately, the cracks continue to spread.  If you read this, Mr. /Ms. Traffic Safety Engineer, Mr./Ms. City Planner, Mr/Ms. Director of Street Lighting, in #CityofDelrayBeach please call us!  We can help solve all of your problems with our Classic Lamp Posts.

Classic Lamp Posts will not crack, chip, rot, corrode, or need to be painted.  Ever.  They have superior vibration resistance when compared to concrete as our material allows the pole to sway and flex minutely to absorb the shock.

When you’re ready to talk shop, #delraybeachstreetlighting, we’re here to help!