As I write this, Lou, Chastity and I are flying at 300 + knots headed to Boston for the American Society of Landscape Architects  (ASLA) show.   Today, we’re flying on Jet Blue, which, in my opinion, is one of the premier airlines.  Maybe it’s because of the in-flight Direct TV, or potentially it’s because every time we fly Jet Blue, we’re headed to a great city and are anticipating our arrival and time there.

This show is an annual pilgrimage for TerraCast and I feel like every time we leave, we’ve made some great connections with LA’s.  The hope, to a layman, is that the professionals we meet with take our catalogs, ideas, and products then specify them in their plans and designs.

While at the ASLA show in 2012, I met with a design firm who used our products in a pedestrian plaza install in Philadelphia.  I also met with a designer who used our lighting products for a coastal install in South Carolina.

This show, however, is going to be a neat one for us, as we’re really able to officially debut new products to live people who are a relatively captive audience. Our customers and localized market haven’t seen any of these products yet and we’ve gotten no feedback.  For the feedback alone, good or bad, I’m excited.  One of the things we’ll be showing off is our new LED light and post top fitter.  Its super cool – tons of color changing, programmable options, is able to be set to automatic on/off, and can be configured to change for daylight savings time twice a year.  Best of all, once installed, nobody has to babysit it.

We’ll also be debuting the TerraCast Landscape Lighting line.  This line, consisting of flood lights, bullet lights, spot lights and the awesome tree ring, is made of the same linear low density polyethylene that all of our planters and light poles are made from.  This, of course, leads to many years of maintenance free usage.  These new fixtures come configured for LED, which means you get infinite more lifespan from the bulb versus a traditional incandescent bulb.  We can also make housings to encase your already corroded lighting.

If you read this, and you’re at the show, come by and see us.  Give us some feedback, have a cup of coffee with Chastity, or challenge Lou to an arm wrestling contest.  Both of those will leave you wanting more…