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“The composite portion of the bollard seems to hold up extremely
well…after being by the beach for years, they look brand new.”

As excerpted from an email we received from a sea-side community in Southern California


“Them damn poles don’t break”  John – Williams Party Rental, CA


Hey Brad!

Here are a few photos of my lamp posts as I promised.  I have sized them down to save you time in downloading them.  In total, I have 3 of the 4 light posts and 14 of the single light posts…  soon to be 15!  I am very pleased with them!

Thank you.


Dennis Labert

17676 Brewer Rd

Dundee, MI  48131


“I am not sure how long we have had them, but its been a long time.  We really like them.  Right now we have palm trees growing in your pots outside our house with no signs of product compromise.” Tim Trapp, Rancho Viejo, TX


“I believe I installed these back in 1988.  I purchased them from a local hardware company that is no longer in business in Spokane, Washington.  I have only replaced one lamp post in that time and that was as a result of a teenage kid parking his car on top of it. Not much survived that event so I purchased a replacement.

The latest event happened while no one was around.  Somehow a very tall truck managed to hook the globe and rip it off the post lamp.  The Acorn globe, the post and base survived with not even a scratch – tough stuff – but the bulb and Nutron Never-Break fitter failed.  I thought the irony was obvious.” S. Hamilton, P.E., Spokane, WA



Great to speak with you over the phone earlier today.  My wife and I built a new house a couple of years ago and are interested in purchasing 5 of the W18 lamp posts.

We had a Classic lamp posts at our previous house for over 15 years and the product worked great.

I look forward to a quote from you soon.

Kind regards

Carl Mesker

Vice President Aftermarket Americas


1950 Industrial Blvd.

Muskegon, MI 49442

Hi Brad…

Thank you for your quick response.  Attached is a picture of the lamp globe showing where the screw fits.  If you need more information, please let me know.  You can call anytime.

Please let me know how you would like payment.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Nancy Johnson

P.S.  The lamps have been just wonderful.  They make a
beautiful appearance and have had no maintenance problem.
One has been in for about 21 years; the other about 6 years.

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From: John Cullum

Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 2:54 PM

To: info@terracastproducts.com

Subject: Dealer

Can you tell me of a dealer in my area? I am in Sanford, Fl 32771.  I am tired of buying junk from the big box stores and having them literally fall apart after a few years.

I actually saw one of the lamp posts on Amazon, then did a search for Classic Lamp Posts from there and found the website. I was pleased to see the company located in Florida, so thought I might find a dealer in this area, so I clicked the contact button and Karen responded that I could buy directly. Your email gave me a little nudge to get this little project done. The Lowe’s mess in still in the ground, in two pieces, broken in half. I bought it because it was “corrosion proof cast aluminum.” The finish bubbled off quickly where the aluminum was oxidizing underneath (apparently that’s different than corrosion). Where the two pieces screwed together was steel, which eventually just rusted in half. Not too soon, though, as it’s about ready to fall over from the base where the “corrosion proof” aluminum has just disintegrated. (I am optimistic that your company’s post will not have an Achilles’ heel and will last a very long time!).



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“Robert Shenk

I have had these poles installed for 10 or 11 years and have not ever had a problem, I like these lamps, they’re good!”