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The Golden Beach Base

The Golden Beach Base


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Product Description

The Golden Beach Base can be used as a decorative light pole for illuminating the structural columns of a bridge or dock.  Originally designed for the City of Golden Beach, Fl, this pole was used as a replacement to a set of Aluminum Poles that had met their economic life.  The Golden Beach Base is a smaller version of our actual light poles.  This can be customized to accept a 3” or 4” Tenon.  To construct this pole, we then use our patented PolySteel™ process just like we do when making the remainder of our Classic Lamp Posts. The Mini Pole is 24” tall, with a 12” OD at the base, and is made from the same weather-resistant, long lasting resin as the rest of the Classic Lamp Post Product Line.  See the spec sheet for more dimensional data.  Please also look in the “Bases” Section if you’d like to use this pole as a slip-over decorative base, with no steel core.

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