In January of 2013, I was having breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels the other morning and while wandering around the plaza in post digestive state, I took notice (as I always do) to how poorly the electrostatic paint, or powder coat, held up on the light pole bases installed within this shopping center.   The poles themselves, also coated in a flaky, black, pretend coat of armor, looked moderate.  The bases were a nightmare.  I would be furious if I was the landlord or developer and I would be downright embarrassed if I was the pole manufacturer.

South Florida isn’t the greatest climate for making things last a long time.  With trade winds that blow gently from the Southeast a majority of the year, the air carries a mist of sea salt for miles inland and corrodes everything from brake pads on your car, to the fences that surround your home.   This particular location, near a major interstate, heavily trafficked, and about three miles inland, is in prime corrosion territory.  Unfortunately for the owner of this center, the corrosion is irreversible and no matter what course of action they choose to take to maintain these poles, the long-term damage has been done.

I researched who the owners were by looking in the public records and sent them a letter and catalog about Classic Lamp Posts along with some photos of the poles in their location.  I never heard back.

I went to the same plaza with my wife for a cup of Starbucks two weeks ago and the first thing that caught my eye was that all of the light poles looked brand new.  After I parked the car I approached the first pole for closer inspection.  I realized that the based had been freshly painted.  Don’t worry, though, the money spent was already starting to wither away like flakes of black snow falling from the sky as each bike, skateboard, and dog that was tied up to the pole had begun to remove the thin layer of new powder coat.

Although the owners chose to not use Classic Lamp Posts resin made slip over bases, or PolySteel Poles to begin with, I do feel like the catalyst for making them paint their poles because of the letter and catalog I sent.