Let’s face it, when your city, municipality, or community is burdened with salt-laden air continually, there are only certain products you can leave outside that will be able to withstand and combat the harsh environment.  Planters, benches, light poles, parking meters and other site furnishings that work for your community 24/7, need to be able to withstand the abuse and neglect these integral pieces your neighborhood face.

In cities or communities that abut, or are just inland of any major body of saltwater, the choices for what materials that can be used are extremely limited.  Steel lamp posts, for instance, will rust quickly once the protective coating is compromised, Aluminum will pit, and fiberglass, although super strong and moderately resilient, will bloom and become unsightly to look at and downright dangerous if touched.  For those reasons, and a whole lot more, purchasers are limited to using Concrete light poles, trash receptacles,  or composite materials for their projects.

Although Concrete is a great substitution for steel and aluminum, and it may be the only option, it comes with its own host of problems.  In any community, pole movement from below ground land settlement and above ground vehicle or roadway vibration and swaying becomes an issue.  Hairline cracks, generally starting near the base and, over time, running the length of the concrete poles turns them into a public hazard.  Nobody can predict when the next chunk of concrete will fall on an unsuspecting pedestrian.  Concrete, a naturally porous material also lets the continual elements of the environment penetrate its surface layer causing its underlying structure, usually rebar, to swell and expand.  When this happens, the rebar pushes out on the concrete from the inside and leads to chipping and breaking.  Another issue that concrete pole installations are faced with is the cost of freight to a jobsite and the ancillary equipment needed to pick up and set the poles in place.  Neither of those comes free!

Classic Lamp Posts is able to replicate concrete poles with our composite PolySteel® poles.  Our poles are non-hydroscopic, having no pores, never allowing the elements of outside to break down the inside.  We make light poles that are thousands of pounds less than concrete and are hundreds of dollars cheaper to ship to their final destination.  Once on site, a single person, or crew of two, can set the poles in place and save time – and we all know that time = money.  For a complete look at our standard black decorative lamp posts or highly unique granite blends, that gives the appearance of cast stone, please log onto Classiclampposts.com.  Feel free to email us @ info@classiclampposts.com