I’m pretty sure we’ve got it figured out… on February 1, 2014 we will debut our new quick ship program for small quantities of light poles from the Classic Lamp Post line.  The PolySteel™ poles, in anchor and direct burial, from 7-12’ heights, will be ready to fly out the door within a 48 hours from our receipt of PO for such.  We find that often light pole manufactures over promise delivery times, or, cant have decorative, lamp posts made timely for use on a job.  Classic Lamp Posts realizes that every day matters, and the faster you can have your poles installed and underground work done, the faster the installation crew can move onto other things.  Our true composite light poles offer the strength of steel with the benefit of resin, giving the end user a pole that will last indefinitely longer than those made from secondary material.  No rusting, no pitting, no corroding.  Simple and Cost effective

Along with our standard black light poles, we also offer aluminum pods, ballasts, and light globes (in polycarbonate, and Polyethylene, Acorn, Victorian or Round) for immediate delivery to coincide with the delivery of your posts.

I’m excited to see how many jobs we can salvage at the last moment, and how, by using Classic Lamp Posts, we can value engineer projects that are on tight budgetary constraints.

For more info on our new quick ship program, please email, info@classiclampposts.com  and someone will get back to you immediately!