• Hey There,

It’s Brad and I thought that since I hadn’t yet done a blog posting, this would be a great time to start it.  I write this as I am about to leave the office on a weeklong vacation whereby I won’t have access to phone and email to speak of unless – of course – I seek it out.  I’ll do my best to disconnect as I’ll be away with my wife and three kids, my mom and brother, and my in-laws.  We’re headed to the Caribbean with a brief stop in Nassau.

I’m excited on so many levels, but, as the consummate salesman, the ports of call are a wealth of opportunity for Classic Lamp Posts and TerraCast Planters.  The salt-laden air that continually penetrates the streets, alleyways, sidewalks, and building entrances on the archipelagos makes for one of the harshest environments on man-made materials.  One sliver of exposed metal, steel, or aluminum and BOOM; corrosion is born.  That’s one scrape of powder coat, one nick into the baked enamel, or a cut into the aluminum and the salt will creep in.  Before you can notice, rust has formed and that’s the color that had drawn your eyes to alert you to the problem.  What about Fiberglass?  That’s a bloomin’ onion waiting to happen.  With our resin made products that scenario isn’t a concern as our walls are ¼” thick which would completely keep the corrosion at bay.  Our material is color all the way throughout the external shell which means there is no paint and scratches, scrapes and nicks are less conspicuous.

I’m excited to see what bounties the azure island waters have to give up.  I’ll report back with some pictures of what gems I find.  I’m absolutely, unequivocally, positively sure that I’ll find light poles and planters in every major harbor, and that corrosion will be inevitable.  I know that with TerraCast and Classic Lamp Posts, we can protect any lighting and planter investments.  Have a great week!