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  • The light poles shown on this website are guaranteed to Never RUST, Never Need Painting, and are Maintenance Free

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  • Classic Lamp Posts strives to promote professionalism, sustainability and
    wise economics.

  • Timeless Durability

  • Classic Lamp Posts can be used in residential or commercial applications and are guaranteed to save money and time in annual maintenance costs! Ask us how you can save!

Timeless Durability



Classic Lamp Posts™ strives to promote professionalism, sustainability and wise economics. All of our products are made by hard working American professionals using sustainable manufacturing methods. Our PolySteel™ process is unlike anything else on the market and presents the end user with a beautiful, decorative lamp post at a very economical price that will last a lifetime.



Without architects, the world would be an unattractive, boring, and a caveman-like place. Thankfully, cities, municipalities, and homeowners need architects to tell them how to maximize their allotted space and make it as creative, decorative and custom designed as possible.



It certainly is hip to be green these days. Seemingly everything is environmentally friendly, dark sky compliant, or neighbor friendly. Now-a-days lamp output lumens cater to mammals, land animals and sea turtles alike allowing manufacturers to have a field day creating all kinds of house side shields, reflectors and refractors to cater to the specific installation environment.

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